Moleskine Peanuts / Snoopy 2017

A new year means a new agenda/dairy to journal in! I have starting journaling last year around my birthday. Since I enjoy it, I wanted to try journaling for a full year. ^.^ I wanted to start journaling for a while now but I wasn’t sure how to start. After watching some youtube from Kaila from Rainbowholic, I have decided to try it out myself ^0^. You can watch her cute hobonichi video’s here!

Since a hobonichi is pretty expensive to buy due the shipping and tax, I decided to go with a moleksine agenda. Instead of a normale moleskine one, I decided to get a Snoopy / Peanuts one :3. I really enjoy the Charlie Brown comics and cartoons when I was younger and it was limted edition XD…

As you can see it has Sally on the front with a quote~. The quote says kinda the true, not matter what happend life does goes on. The agenda have some comics inside of ite as on the one paper thing. When the photo was taken, the agenda was still flat… At the moment the journalling starting to get chunky XD

This moleskine comes with limtied edition stickers! I really like the stickers :D. Although I kinda wondering how the normale stickers of moleskine looks like XD.

Anyway this was my new journal for 2017. I wonder how thick it ends up be XD and what for adventures it will have! I almost finshed January so I might make a small video on my instagram about it! :3 I might show it here too!

Have a great day and see you later ^^/~

Happy new year!

It has been ages that I have update my blog ^^;. Even I am almost a month late I still want to wish you an Happy new year! That is not all, it is also the chinese new year. It is the year of the Rooster!

Credit to MintMintDoodles!

To celebrate the new year of 2017, my boyfriend and I bought some small fireworks to light them off at night!

The fireworks were pretty nice! :3 and lucky all of the fireworks worked~!

Sadly we couldn’t watch any other fireworks from others due the heavy fog that night :(. It is a shame because I enjoy seeing fireworks~! I guess next year better! You can see it at the photo.

I hope you will be having a great and blessed year! see you later

Merry Christmas!

Shopping haul from ebay!

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping on ebay? Buying items that aren’t expensive! I am one of those people that love to shop on ebay!

I am glad that I don’t buy all the items I that I want or else my wallet would be empty all the time ^-^;

So here a small haul from the items I have bought on ebay! :3

I bought some cute stationary :3 I have such a weak heart for it. ^^; I also bought 2 cheap braclet and a bunny necklace. As last I bought a new watch but sadly it broke within a day ;-;.So I won’t recommend to buy the watch.

I wish you a great day! Untill next time ^-^/~

Happy belate New Year!

First of all, I want to say a Happy Belate New Year! I have enjoyed my New year’s day with some nice fireworks! I hope you all had a nice new year’s day too!

As for me new year resolutions, I think I don’t have many as always. I am terrible on keeping them. But the main thing I hope is to pass my school and find a job XD. As for the blog, well I am trying to write more post… ^.^ I mean it~ I really should try to write more xD. I still have some subjects that I wanna blog about it. As for now A happy belate New year! Also,its the year of the monkey too!

Have a nice day ^^/