Tio Cornet

When I looked in the commercials of these week I saw this candy on sell at the Kruidvat. It’s a a drug store’s in the Netherlands. I really like the idea to eat a cornetto that isn’t cold. Since it is raining at the moment, this candy give me a feeling that I am eating an ice cream on a nice summer day. I bought the candy to try it out and here is my review on it!

Tio cornet

It comes in a nice pruple box and shows what for flavor the candy is! I really like the logo. It makes it really cute and happy~ ˆˆ; It’s a “wafer with hazelnut vanillin cream and colerd suger coated dragee”. In other words its a cornetto with hazelnut and vanllia cream with some m&m’s. \^W^/ who doesn’t like chocolate!

Tio cornet

It comes in a box with 5 pieces only. They aren’t that big but enough to enjoy the nice candy! Well for it me it is enough ˆˆ;. Just like real cornettos, you have to open it in the same way! I really like the idea. =3 It reminds me of opening a real ice cream cornetto! As you can see in the photo, unlike the box photo, the colored sugare coated dragee isn’t spread nicely. I don’t find this as a big problem, since you end up eating the whole thing anyway XD.

Tio cornet

The taste of Tio cornet is really nice! The chocolate reminds me a lot of the kinder surprise chocolate. When you eat the chocolate of your kinder surprise, after you broke the egg up to get your surprise! For me the size of the candy was enough and it is a good size for childeren too! The wafel really tasted as the wafel you eat from your ice cream cornetto. If you want to try it yourself out, you can still get them at the Kruidvat for €1,-. The prices isn’t that expensive for this nice chocolate vanilla icecream wanna be candy!

Have a nice day and see you later ^W^/~

Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: memories is a visuel noval game. It’s more known as an otome game. An otome game is a game that is more focuse for girls. You play as a girl that develop a romantich relationship between characters, mostly with 1 or several male characters.

In amnesia you play as a girl that lost her memories from the past. You meet a young “spirit” boy with te name Orion and from there the story starts~

I am going to write a review soon! I really enjoy playing this kind of games. ^W^ Amnesia will be avalible on 25th of august for US and 26th of august for EU. It will be avalible for PC (on steam) and the ps Vita! You can check out my review soon on chopstixz!

Here you can see the first 25 min of the game in English!

Have a nice day and see you later ˆ.ˆ/~

A shoplog!

The last few weeks I have bought some nice things in different stores. Although it isn’t a big haul I still feel like sharing it! ˆ.ˆ

At the action I bought a few small items! I bought the thread because I needed some new thread! ˆˆ; Since I am bit out of thread it’s a bit hard to continu to sew/crochet/amigurumi or other things to use. The thread is sturdy and doesn’t break easly. Since I felled to eat some chocolate, I bougth some nice mars! As last I saw a mobile accessories for my smart phone. Its pretty cheap and sadly some items were more ment for the Iphone than others. Although the most big items were easyable to use for my phone! =3

At the xenos they had a sell. I saw these yarn for 10 cent each. First I thought they were thread but sadly they are to thick to sew >.<; So they might be nice for some other projects! Although 10 cent is pretty cheap to not buy it! ^w^’

I also saw these cute paperclips! I always wanted to have some nice paperclips but I couldn’t find any great ones. =.=; So, I saw this and I bought it ˆˆ;. I couldn’t just leave it hehe… xD

At the end I saw some sale of soap. I saw the Hello Kitty hand soap and I eventually bought it. It was on a huge discount and having some hand soap in stock is always easy~ ^.~/ right? I also saw the Fa frozen fruit apple on discount. I really like that shower gel since it does make it feel a bit colder! ˆWˆ/~ -or maybe it just my imgination- Either way it’s a nice shower gel and the smell is great!

Have a nice day and see you later ^^/~

Stack the pikachu’s on a sleeping Snorlax!

When I was browsing on Tumblr I saw this post about stacking pikachu’s on a snorlax! It really looks so cute 😀

The game is pretty easy~ Just stack the Pikachu’s on a sleeping snorlax that lies in an Hammock! It looks fun to try it out myself! ˆ-ˆ

The playset cost ¥2500 ($20 or €18)! Not that expensive! :3 It will be avalible in august! For more information you can check here!

Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~

Some DIY things I made!

Last year in the summer I wanted to make some creative things. =3 On the internet I saw crochet and amigurumi and I found it really cute.ˆWˆ I really wanted to learn it so I can make those things myself! At start I found it really hard and I kept making mistakes, after a while I finally understand it! Here is an overview of what I have made in the passed year!

I started learning with rainbow looms. It was a big hype back then. I saw it in the super market and I bought a package. I tried it out that night and I really enjoyed it. So I bought a few more packages… ˆ-ˆ; and well I kept making some small 3D items. I really like to make 3D items more than braclets XD
Most of the things I made with rainbow loom are from youtube tutorials. Here is an overview from what I made with rainbow looms!

Rainbowlooms are made from rubber, because of that the items I have made start falling appart.T^T I wanted to make nice things that doesn’t fall appart easy. So I decided to learn crochet! I went to youtube and I start learning the basic for crochet and amigurumi. I also learned how to read pattarns. Although English pattarns are different due the US and UK English. Eventually you will see the different in it. In case you want to know the differencehere is a handy link! I did found it hard at start but after I kept trying I finally understand it! \ˆWˆ/At the moment I make my own crochet items without a pattern. Most of the things I have made on the pic are made from photo referents or just randomly out of my head.:3 Although They aren’t that great yet, I still keep trying to get better! ˆˆ/ Here is a an overview of my crochet / amigurumi things I have made.

On youtube I saw some tutrials how to crochet or amigurumi with looms. It isn’t that hard and they show it step for step! I made 2 animals from it. Crochet with looms used a lot of amounts of looms. >w< Since I don't have much looms left I only made a snake and a turtle! I am planning to remake the also with yarn!

I also tried some DIY sets where you have to sew or even crochet. I found some easy while others were hard. The pink bunny was pretty hard to make since the direction weren’t good enough. The neck pillow was really easy to do! Here are some of what I have made.

A big post with a lot of photo’s! I just wanted to share with you what I have made in the past year. I still have some projects on my list that I want to make. I will update it! If you have questions about crochet/amigurimi/sewing etc. Just ask! I am not an expert though but I can try to help you!
Have a nice day and see you later! ˆWˆ/~