Hello everyone!

It seems ages ago that I have updated my blog. I become really busy with school, because of that I didn’t have much time to update my blog. Now school is over and I passed every subject with some nice grades too~ I finally got some free time again!:D

My summer holiday has started, means I can blog again! I try to update as much as I can! I don’t have much plannend for my summer holiday. I am going to enjoy the free time and see what will passby! As enjoying the sun and heat with a nice fan and some watermelon~

Cya around~

Oyatsubox february

Oyatsu cafe got a new surprise box, called an oyatsubox. But what is it? It’s a box full with candies from Japan! The box cost 25 dollar with free shipping! Every box will be around from 7 to 15 candies & snacks! Always wanted to try different japanese candies? well try out this box! You can get a subscription here!

So today we (Littlemyuu and me) got this box and here is what we got in the box and I made a youtube movie from it ^^.

So what’s in the box?

Dagashi super pack: 10 kinds of Dagashi candies!
Pokemon white Cocolate corn puffs: pokemon shaped corn puff with white chocolate flavor!
Big black thunder: a japanese chocolate bar.
Big Katsu: snack with breadcrub coating on Japanese Katsu (Cutlet), kinda like american Beef jerky.
Black Black mints a super strong mints with a big dose of caffeine.
Kit-kat passionfruit
Pocky peach
Hi-chew suppaichu: sour pieced of lemon with hardened suger bits in a Hi-chew containing.
LOOK sparkling Lemonade chocolate: lemonaded flavor chocolate and fizzes and sparkles as you eat it.
RUssion roulette gum: 3 gums and one is insanely sour and the other 2 have a delicious flavor.
One piece gum & poster: some gums and a one piece poster.

Dagashi super pack, since this got 10 different candies I made a closer look of the whole pack. It coms with Umaibo (mentai and chese flavors), Mochi-taro, Choco Daifuku, Kakinotane-Choco, Classic grape gum, Umaijelly, Happy Pandaro and a very cute and rare mini_umaibo (roasterd Corn flavor).

Is it worth?
Yes, if you like surprises try out japanese candies its really nice! I love to try new different candies and sometimes it’s hard to choose what to get. This is an easy way to try out differen candies and get addicted by it… So if you want to give it a try go here!

Cya later all ^^/

The body shop order

When I was on twitter, I read some tweets about a sale on the body shop. I never ever tried and I keep hearing good reviews about their items. Due there was a sale and free shipping I thought to give it a try.

I ordered some small items ^^. This is what I ordered! :3

The items are:
Papaya Bath & Shower Gel
Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Cube
Gift Cube Coconut
Coconut Lip Butter
Vitamin E hand & Nail treatment.

I have to say I really like their items! After trying some of them I really feel in love of them! The smell is just nice~ *tries not to go to the webshop… to buy more* The lip butter is really nice and my makes my lips nice and soft instead of dry like some do. And the good thing is I don’t even need to use much of it!

Here is how it looks ^^.

Soo that is enough shopping at the body shop for now ^^. Who knows what in the future I am going to try out! :3

cya later ^^/

Candy hauls!

So, Maile and me ordered some Candy, drinks etc! We bought it a few times online! They are from different online stores XD. I forgot which is from which again… It’s been a while ^^: Those candies are from sweet-spot and sanza and all the candy and drinks are gone T_T If they can only refill them self ^^; (a nice dream). Anyway here are some orders I made with maile.

The pics of my orders! :3 (We bought this in 2013 XD so, it’s not right now haha.)

Seeing all this candy makes me carving for some right now! Too bad they are all gone now XD

Cya all ^^/

Kawaii Monthly January

So today I got my second package from Kwaii Monthly! This time I made a video from it! :3

To make it short what Kawaii Monthly is a service that gives you 5 items from Japan. It coste around $18,99, £ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month and the shipping is free! You can get one here! Kawaii monthly is brought by Oyatsu cafe.

The items of this month are”Hello kitty hair wrap, jewellery nail seal, Bottle cosy, My melody charm, Kit-kat strawberry.
The strawberry Kit-kat is really nice! I never try it before. If you love strawberry this is a nice chocolate to try it out! :3 The bottle cosy would be handy for me when I am going out for a long time and I want my drink bottle (500ml) to be cold for awhile! Altought it’s winter right now, I think it’s a great thing to use for hot days in the summer. It looks very cute too! :3. I am crazy when it comes to charms XD I love to collect them! (My wallet should be happy with me… Since I can’t find any nice or cute ones in here T_T) I might use it for my phone or my 3DS!^^ The Hair wrap is handy for taking a bath. I mostly use shower caps since I can’t find a hair wrap that easy in here or they were to expensive >.<;. So, this would be great to use it! :3. The nail seal are cute and I might use them soon^^.

Here is the video!

Here some photos! :3

Kawaii Monthly December Edition

Kawaii Monthly is a service where you get 5 different cute and kawaii items each month! It coste around $18,99, £ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month. This also include shipping. I saw it on different blogs and I really like surprises:3. So I gave it a try!

This is what I got!

The items from that month are: 2014 year planner, puku fish mold, tabi socks, envelope set and kuru kuru cake shop.
I really needed a new agenda, I forgot to buy one -.-;. So, I am happy it came with a 2014 year planner, meaning I don’t have to buy one! The tabi socks sits nice even it was different from the socks I am used to. I haven’t tried the mold yet but I am planning to use it soon! Maybe to make a cake or jelly? Who knows!

The candy was really nice a bit stick but nice! I made a few of those things as an on the packaged but they didn’t really looks like that at all ^^;.

You can got your own subscription here!

Happy New Year!

Christmas haul!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a nice christmas and nice presents! :3
I also got some christmas presents this year! :D I got some bath stuff, a kitty plush, teh botol (it’s one of my favorites drinks but hard to get in here XD), Panda bag and a new Pyjama with a nice soft confy hoodie! :D I really fell in love with the hoodie! When the winter is getting colder I will use it alot! :D I really like the panda logo on it, it’s soo cute :D. The bath soap etc both smells nice! :3

Here are some pictures of what I got! :3

Cya all later! ^^/

Happy Thanksgiving!

Japanese candy! :D

So, after browsing many times on youtube about D.I.Y candy, I thought I want to try that too!

I ordered some candy with my bf and his little sis. This what we ordered! :3

We tried out the toilets candy first! It was yummy but a little bit weird XD This the colors we got :3

Later we tried out this, making a panda bear ^.^

This was the inside! :3 The only thing you need is water! :D

Just add water, stir and it will be really thick. So you can make the body of the panda bear. The white candy part really feels like rice! This is the same with the black parts of the panda! Here is how our panda end up looking. (It doesn’t look like the panda on the picture at all x.X)

The candy really taste nice and wasn’t that hard to make ^.^

The next one we tried was the icecream set!

The inside! It comes with 2 sacks and some pre made cookie outside!

So you only need water, add the content and stir it together! It end up looking like this ^.^. Later you just add it in a plastic sack. So you can add it on your cookie/ ice cream look alike ^.^ And as last you can add some nice sprinkles on it to make it more cuter! :D

Our icecreams! :D (Don’t pay attation on the tv screen XD)

The candy taste yummy, a little bit sugary but still really nice!

The last one we bought was the sushi one. This one was pretty hard but really fun! As you can see it got a lot of small sacks xD.

Here we were done with adding/stiring the content. Time to make the sushi! :D I really enjoy making those fake fish eggs xD. (The orange balls that floated on the water. It was really weird just let it fall it in the water and it becomes small balls o.O;)

This is how our sushi looked liked… nothing as on the pictures on the box… Well I do say it was really nice to eat it! hehe xD

We (my bf, his little sis, her bf and me) enjoy making them! We are planning to buy more in the future! :3

Cya later and enjoy the summer!