Some DIY things I made!

Last year in the summer I wanted to make some creative things. =3 On the internet I saw crochet and amigurumi and I found it really cute.ˆWˆ I really wanted to learn it so I can make those things myself! At start I found it really hard and I kept making mistakes, after a while I finally understand it! Here is an overview of what I have made in the passed year!

I started learning with rainbow looms. It was a big hype back then. I saw it in the super market and I bought a package. I tried it out that night and I really enjoyed it. So I bought a few more packages… ˆ-ˆ; and well I kept making some small 3D items. I really like to make 3D items more than braclets XD
Most of the things I made with rainbow loom are from youtube tutorials. Here is an overview from what I made with rainbow looms!

Rainbowlooms are made from rubber, because of that the items I have made start falling appart.T^T I wanted to make nice things that doesn’t fall appart easy. So I decided to learn crochet! I went to youtube and I start learning the basic for crochet and amigurumi. I also learned how to read pattarns. Although English pattarns are different due the US and UK English. Eventually you will see the different in it. In case you want to know the differencehere is a handy link! I did found it hard at start but after I kept trying I finally understand it! \ˆWˆ/At the moment I make my own crochet items without a pattern. Most of the things I have made on the pic are made from photo referents or just randomly out of my head.:3 Although They aren’t that great yet, I still keep trying to get better! ˆˆ/ Here is a an overview of my crochet / amigurumi things I have made.

On youtube I saw some tutrials how to crochet or amigurumi with looms. It isn’t that hard and they show it step for step! I made 2 animals from it. Crochet with looms used a lot of amounts of looms. >w< Since I don't have much looms left I only made a snake and a turtle! I am planning to remake the also with yarn!

I also tried some DIY sets where you have to sew or even crochet. I found some easy while others were hard. The pink bunny was pretty hard to make since the direction weren’t good enough. The neck pillow was really easy to do! Here are some of what I have made.

A big post with a lot of photo’s! I just wanted to share with you what I have made in the past year. I still have some projects on my list that I want to make. I will update it! If you have questions about crochet/amigurimi/sewing etc. Just ask! I am not an expert though but I can try to help you!
Have a nice day and see you later! ˆWˆ/~

Cooking and Gardening mama themes for the 3DS!

You can get 2 free themes for the 3DS! In the Netherlands you can get these themes at the Gamemania, through Nintendozone. ˆˆ/ I didn’t knew about this earlier untill I saw the newsletter xD.

It’s pretty easy to obtain it on Nintendozone. Just open Nintendozone and it says about the 2 free themes. Press the button and you will see 2 codes that you can enter in the Nintendo 3ds theme option. You even have the option to e-mail the codes! These 2 free themes are only avalible untill 29 july 2015 in the Netherlands. I don’t know how you can obtain this 2 free themes if you live outside of the Netherlands. I do know the these themes will be avalible at 17 august 2015 in EU ( I assume). It’s unsure if you have to pay for it or if its free!

This how the Gardening Mama theme looks like!ˆwˆ/ The music is just the gardening Mama theme song.

This is how the Cooking mama theme looks like! ˆ.ˆ/ The music is just the Cooking mama theme song.

The themes are awesome! :3 and I really like the mama serie games. I really like the cooking mama series XD. Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~

Make your own Chanrio!

Sanrio has launched a new website were you can create your own Chanrio! This Chanrio maker is a promotion for their park Sanrio Puroland and more than 7 millons Chanrio’s have been made! \^W^/ If thought it is in Japanese, the Chanrio maker is easy to understand!

You can do some things with your avatar that you create with Chanrio maker =3. You can take your Chanrio with you to the sanrio Puroland and show it in a Chanrio parade! This promotion for the Chanrio parade last until august 2015. It’s a shame that Japan is a little bit far from here. Although making your self in Sanrio style is still awesome and cute!^W^ Time to make one a Chanrio! You choose your gender and than you have the option to make one yourself or from a photo.

After that you still have the option chance your face, looks, items, jewerly etc you want! There are a lot of items to choose from!

If you go to Sanrio Puroland, you can find some codes in the park. When you have the codes you can enter it to get some special items for your avatar!

This is how I made my Chanrio Avatar! Click here to make your own Chanrio! I am curious how your Chanrio looks, so share it in the comments! ˆ.ˆ’

Have a nice day and see you later ˆWˆ/~

Playstation 4!

A week ago my boyfriend decided to get a PS 4. He wanted to get a PS 4 for a while now. He mostly want to use it for his blog and youtube channel. So after the long wait he finally was able to get a PS 4! =D He decided to get a special edition Batman. It looks nicer than the offical PS 4! An also nice feature is, if you have a ps Vita, you can play the ps 4 games on your ps vita! By remote play or as second screen! \^W^/

This is what was inside the ps4 box! :3 The special edition ps4 and controller, the new game of batman, “Batman: Arkham Knight” and a comic called “Batman: Arkham Knight issue:0″. The comic paper is really thin and the issue isn’t long. I still haven’t read the comic, I only look through it.ˆˆ; The game is really nice though! Even though I don’t play it, when my bf playing the game is mostly watch it. The game has some scare jumps XD The graphics looks really awesome and the story is great! I also played on the ps 4. I realy liked the game Viliance Hearts. It’s a puzzle game but the story is really heartwarming and sad ;-;. I might review the game later! ˆwˆ

Here some close up of the PS 4 console itself! It really looks nice and gray color with a nice Batman logo on it! Oh yeah! We also have 2 new kittens for a 3 weeks already.^-^ They loved the box and the paper that was used to send the PS 4. I’ll make a new post later about the 2 new kittens!ˆ3ˆ/~

Have a nice day and see you later ˆ-ˆ/~

Small haul from Born Pretty store!

A month ago I had an e-mail from Born Pretty store, which said that they are doing another Seckill sale. 😀 Seckill on Born Pretty store is, buying an item for 0,01 dollar cent with shipping that starts on a certain time and there will be only a few in stock for that price. In here you can check what items there was for the seckill sale. When this sale was happening I totally forgot about it >.<;, untill the last day. So, I gave it a shot and it I was able to buy 3 items! This are the 3 items that I bought!\^-^/

The first item is a pocket mirror. I still wanted a pocket mirror but I keep forgetting to buy one. The sale gave me a chance to get one. The front has a girl and dog on it with 2 quotes on it, “Keep going” and “I will keep going to find myself”. The qoutes are nice and fits well! The backside has the mirror on it. It is small (7 cm) but handy to take with you in your bag.

The second item is a box with small (5 mm) ceramic flowers. It can be used for nail art but also for decoration on things. The flowers are pretty small but also cute! ˆWˆ. The flower are nice detailed. I am not sure yet how I want to use the those ceramic flowers. Maybe I am going to use it in decorationg.

The last item is a necklace. The necklace looked nice on the picture and having necklace laying around that fits on nice outfit is always handy! =D. I am not sure how sturdy the necklace is but it is nice as jewelry to use!

This were the items I bought on Pretty Born Store. I am pretty happy with the items! The store ships pretty fast and I mostly get the items within 2 weeks. The store have nice items for a nice price! The good thing is that all items are includes shipping!

Have a nice day and see you later! ˆˆ/~