Merry Christmas!

Shopping haul from ebay!

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping on ebay? Buying items that aren’t expensive! I am one of those people that love to shop on ebay!

I am glad that I don’t buy all the items I that I want or else my wallet would be empty all the time ^-^;

So here a small haul from the items I have bought on ebay! :3

I bought some cute stationary :3 I have such a weak heart for it. ^^; I also bought 2 cheap braclet and a bunny necklace. As last I bought a new watch but sadly it broke within a day ;-;.So I won’t recommend to buy the watch.

I wish you a great day! Untill next time ^-^/~

Happy belate New Year!

First of all, I want to say a Happy Belate New Year! I have enjoyed my New year’s day with some nice fireworks! I hope you all had a nice new year’s day too!

As for me new year resolutions, I think I don’t have many as always. I am terrible on keeping them. But the main thing I hope is to pass my school and find a job XD. As for the blog, well I am trying to write more post… ^.^ I mean it~ I really should try to write more xD. I still have some subjects that I wanna blog about it. As for now A happy belate New year! Also,its the year of the monkey too!

Have a nice day ^^/

Dingo Friends

Dingo friends are four animals that shows some struggles we have in life in a funny way! The creators are from Korea but they translated some in english! You can follow them here!
Here some funny video’s of them!

The struggle of waiting on your package you have order online!

Who doesn’t had this issue? XD

The struggle eating noodles and glasses… I can really related to that!

I wish the weekends were longer indeed! =x

Who doesn’t hate the alarm? XD

Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~

A stitch it set for my 3DS

When I was walking around in a store, I passed by this item. Since I still used my old 3DS and the price wasn’t expensive, I decided to buy it~ As the picture state, that was all in the box too, beside the 3DS sadly XD. From the examples that were given within the set, I didn’t saw any nice and cute ones~ Since I always liked Kirby, I decided to cross-stitch a kirby~

It wasn’t that easy as I thought it would be, since there wasn’t a pattern available ˆˆ;. So I used some photo’s of Kirby as a reference to stitch it. It was pretty difficult but a fun challenge!^_^ So on the next photo you can see my results!

I am pretty happy how it turns out! Although I am not that great with cross-stitching it was fun way to boost up my stitching skills! The last time that I even tried cross-stitching was age’s ago… Since I have stitch some of the threads a bit tight it did bend a lil bit of the rubber thing. (I have no clue how to say it XD). But it fits pretty fine on your the 3DS, without noticing it much. The rubber is okish, but its better to make a 1 time only cross-sitiching on it. =3 If you are planning to redo it, be careful taking out the threads. Other but other it is a nice set for to have some nice creativity and making your 3DS unique~

Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~