Seckill sale at born pretty store!

A while ago Born pretty store had a celebration. Born pretty store celebrate that the store excisted for 4 years! They had a seckill sale for a few days on a certain time.

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Free Printable DIY Desk Calenders 2015!

So it’s 2015 means time for a new desk calender! In case you don’t have a desk calender yet or you just want a different one, here are some nice DIY free printable desk Calenders for 2015!

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Kawaii Monthly February & March

I know… I am a bit late with it but oh well, I still wanted to blog about it! :3 Since they are a bit old, I decided to put both months together in one post!

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Hello everyone!

It seems ages ago that I have updated my blog. I become really busy with school, because of that I didn’t have much time to update my blog. Now school is over and I passed every subject with some nice grades too~ I finally got some free time again!:D

My summer holiday has started, means I can blog again! I try to update as much as I can! I don’t have much plannend for my summer holiday. I am going to enjoy the free time and see what will passby! As enjoying the sun and heat with a nice fan and some watermelon~

Cya around~

Oyatsubox february

Oyatsu cafe got a new surprise box, called an oyatsubox. But what is it? It’s a box full with candies from Japan! The box cost 25 dollar with free shipping! Every box will be around from 7 to 15 candies & snacks! Always wanted to try different japanese candies? well try out this box! You can get a subscription here!

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The body shop order

When I was on twitter, I read some tweets about a sale on the body shop. I never ever tried and I keep hearing good reviews about their items. Due there was a sale and free shipping I thought to give it a try.

I ordered some small items ^^. This is what I ordered! :3

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Candy hauls!

So, Maile and me ordered some Candy, drinks etc! We bought it a few times online! They are from different online stores XD. I forgot which is from which again… It’s been a while ^^: Those candies are from sweet-spot and sanza and all the candy and drinks are gone T_T If they can only refill them self ^^; (a nice dream). Anyway here are some orders I made with maile.

The pics of my orders! :3 (We bought this in 2013 XD so, it’s not right now haha.)

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Kawaii Monthly January

So today I got my second package from Kwaii Monthly! This time I made a video from it! :3

To make it short what Kawaii Monthly is a service that gives you 5 items from Japan. It coste around $18,99, £ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month and the shipping is free! You can get one here! Kawaii monthly is brought by Oyatsu cafe.

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Kawaii Monthly December Edition

Kawaii Monthly is a service where you get 5 different cute and kawaii items each month! It coste around $18,99, £ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month. This also include shipping. I saw it on different blogs and I really like surprises:3. So I gave it a try!

This is what I got!

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Happy New Year!