A new 3ds~ but not a small one but a XL!

Hiya~ It’s been a while that I ever post here. I got hooked up with school and homework. But soon I get my summer holiday! I can’t wait for it. There is a game that I can’t wait either. On 14 june 2013 Animal crossing New leaf will be released here! I really can’t wait to play it! I really enjoyed playing it on the DS and the 3DS version got sooo many new things that I can’t wait to play it!

Since my old 3DS is a bit broken (the R button refuse to work sometimes) I got a 3ds XL! My bf gave it to me as an early birthday present! :3. It’s a the red – black version! ^.^ I really liked it! Now I can play Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Here is how it looks ^^

Yeah here in Europe we got always big heavy booklets because of the different language XD.

Cya everyone later! ^^/~

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