A shoplog!

The last few weeks I have bought some nice things in different stores. Although it isn’t a big haul I still feel like sharing it! ˆ.ˆ

At the action I bought a few small items! I bought the thread because I needed some new thread! ˆˆ; Since I am bit out of thread it’s a bit hard to continu to sew/crochet/amigurumi or other things to use. The thread is sturdy and doesn’t break easly. Since I felled to eat some chocolate, I bougth some nice mars! As last I saw a mobile accessories for my smart phone. Its pretty cheap and sadly some items were more ment for the Iphone than others. Although the most big items were easyable to use for my phone! =3

At the xenos they had a sell. I saw these yarn for 10 cent each. First I thought they were thread but sadly they are to thick to sew >.<; So they might be nice for some other projects! Although 10 cent is pretty cheap to not buy it! ^w^’

I also saw these cute paperclips! I always wanted to have some nice paperclips but I couldn’t find any great ones. =.=; So, I saw this and I bought it ˆˆ;. I couldn’t just leave it hehe… xD

At the end I saw some sale of soap. I saw the Hello Kitty hand soap and I eventually bought it. It was on a huge discount and having some hand soap in stock is always easy~ ^.~/ right? I also saw the Fa frozen fruit apple on discount. I really like that shower gel since it does make it feel a bit colder! ˆWˆ/~ -or maybe it just my imgination- Either way it’s a nice shower gel and the smell is great!

Have a nice day and see you later ^^/~

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