About Me

~ to my blog~!

I am a girl living in the Netherlands. I am studying management economics and law.

If you want to contact me you can e-mail to: Chopstixz(@)gmail.com

– my boyfriend <3
– kawaii/cute things :3. I have so weakness for stickers
– animals ^.^
– to shop
– candy ( chocolate <3)
– gaming
– drawing
– to collect plushies
– to eat ramen the spicy ones are the best!
– to drink tea
– and sleeping

I really hate insects T.T
and that’s all I think xD.

I post about random things that I like =3.

I post about my last buys, clothes, kawaii things, anime, manga, games and sometime technology! ( I know, I know sometimes I am a geek xD).

Have fun reading my post (^.^)/~ !

I hope you enjoy my blog and may you have a nice time!