Pokemon calendar 2013!

On the internet my boyfriend and me saw the Pokemon calender 2013 from japan on youtube. My bf little sis really a big fan of Pokemon and wanted to have one :3 She found a website where you can order it and ask if we want 1 too ^.^ and we said yes ^^. After […]

Animecon 2012

This weekend I’m going to animecon! :3

For the people who are going see you there ^^/

PoyoPoyo Kansatsu Nikki

PoyoPoyo Kansatsu Nikki is an anime about a round cat. The cat is found by a drunken girl who thinks the cat is a pillow. When she wakes up she take the cat with her to here home. And there the adventures stared.

The anime is short like 2.30 min. I […]

Animecon 2011

This my 4th time I went to animecon ^^. This year theme was “Children of the night”. Friday: I met up with all my friends at Utrech centraal. It was nice to see everyone ^^. I also ask if Dinja want to travel with us, because this is her first con^^. We took the train […]


So I’m back from Animecon. 3 days of fun and seeing everyone^^. It was fun and I did enter some nice events^^ Check my bf blog what he bought xD

Here is a video/slideshow that my bf made =3

My things that I bought