I got my first amiibo!

If you have played the first handhelds games of Nintendo or Super Smash Bros, then you might know who this character is! =D Yes! It’s Mr. Game and Watch! In Super Smash Bros. I mostly plays as Mr. Game and Watch and I really enjoy the unpredicted attacks and the moveset he have. ^~^; […]

Hello kitty new 3ds!

InJapan there will be a release of a new Hello kitty special edition 3ds! They also going to release a cover only! It will be aimed for younger girls as to female adults! It’s a shame that this won’t be released in EU.T__T and the chance of even having a release in EU is pretty […]

Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: memories is a visuel noval game. It’s more known as an otome game. An otome game is a game that is more focuse for girls. You play as a girl that develop a romantich relationship between characters, mostly with 1 or several male characters.

In amnesia you play as a girl that lost her […]

Cooking and Gardening mama themes for the 3DS!

You can get 2 free themes for the 3DS! In the Netherlands you can get these themes at the Gamemania, through Nintendozone. ˆˆ/ I didn’t knew about this earlier untill I saw the newsletter xD.

It’s pretty easy to obtain it on Nintendozone. Just open Nintendozone and it says about the 2 free […]

Playstation 4!

A week ago my boyfriend decided to get a PS 4. He wanted to get a PS 4 for a while now. He mostly want to use it for his blog and youtube channel. So after the long wait he finally was able to get a PS 4! =D He decided to get a special […]