Stack the pikachu’s on a sleeping Snorlax!

When I was browsing on Tumblr I saw this post about stacking pikachu’s on a snorlax! It really looks so cute πŸ˜€

The game is pretty easy~ Just stack the Pikachu’s on a sleeping snorlax that lies in an Hammock! It looks fun to try it out myself! Λ†-Λ†

The playset […]

Some DIY things I made!

Last year in the summer I wanted to make some creative things. =3 On the internet I saw crochet and amigurumi and I found it really cute.Λ†WΛ† I really wanted to learn it so I can make those things myself! At start I found it really hard and I kept making mistakes, after a while […]

Cooking and Gardening mama themes for the 3DS!

You can get 2 free themes for the 3DS! In the Netherlands you can get these themes at the Gamemania, through Nintendozone. Λ†Λ†/ I didn’t knew about this earlier untill I saw the newsletter xD.

It’s pretty easy to obtain it on Nintendozone. Just open Nintendozone and it says about the 2 free […]

Make your own Chanrio!

Sanrio has launched a new website were you can create your own Chanrio! This Chanrio maker is a promotion for their park Sanrio Puroland and more than 7 millons Chanrio’s have been made! \^W^/ If thought it is in Japanese, the Chanrio maker is easy to understand!

You can do some things with your […]

Small haul from Born Pretty store!

A month ago I had an e-mail from Born Pretty store, which said that they are doing another Seckill sale. πŸ˜€ Seckill on Born Pretty store is, buying an item for 0,01 dollar cent with shipping that starts on a certain time and there will be only a few in stock for that price. In […]