The Insider – Purina ONE

On the website of The Insider there was a new campaign where you can try out the 21 day test of Purina ONE. They said that using Purina ONE within 21 days your cat will look healthier.

So I wanted to try it out myself and hope that the cats look healthier!. I picked […]

2 new bunnies~!

When I was browsing the web I saw 2 rabbits with a cage for free. I kinda miss my old bunny and I always wanted to have a couple. ^^. So in the end I got the 2 rabbits with cage :3 and they were for free. The previous owner told me that nobody wanted […]

R.I.P Snowy

On 19 october my rabbit passed away :(. Not sure what happends, maybe his age, since we didn’t know his real age >.


Snowy is my new rabbit i got from my bf =3 We dont know for sure how old he is xD but he still looks soo cute

RIP Blacky

So, today my rabbit has passed away T-T. He didn’t really got old >.< I really gonna miss him T-T Here is a pic of him:

Rest in peace Blacky…