I got my first amiibo!

If you have played the first handhelds games of Nintendo or Super Smash Bros, then you might know who this character is! =D Yes! It’s Mr. Game and Watch! In Super Smash Bros. I mostly plays as Mr. Game and Watch and I really enjoy the unpredicted attacks and the moveset he have. ^~^;

Nintendo has annoucend that this character would be avalible in the future as an amiibo but I totally forgot about the release date of this amiibo. So one day Solar-Sceptile surprised me with this amiibo! Thank you so much for the amiibo! ^W^/~ She also bought herself the duck hunt amiibo at the same time. =3

Unlike the normale amiibo’s Mr. Game and Watch got 5 different poses which you can change around on the amiibo stand! =D The poses he got are from Super Smash Bros games. I really find it fun to change his poses and the 2D effect gives me more the feeling of him in the games. ˆwˆ This amiibo really give me the feelings that this is different compare to the other amiibos! ~\ˆWˆ/~

Have a great day and see you later ˆ-ˆ/~

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