Dingo Friends

Dingo friends are four animals that shows some struggles we have in life in a funny way! The creators are from Korea but they translated some in english! You can follow them here!
Here some funny video’s of them!

The struggle of waiting on your package you have order online!

Who doesn’t had this issue? XD

The struggle eating noodles and glasses… I can really related to that!

I wish the weekends were longer indeed! =x

Who doesn’t hate the alarm? XD

Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~

A stitch it set for my 3DS

When I was walking around in a store, I passed by this item. Since I still used my old 3DS and the price wasn’t expensive, I decided to buy it~ As the picture state, that was all in the box too, beside the 3DS sadly XD. From the examples that were given within the set, I didn’t saw any nice and cute ones~ Since I always liked Kirby, I decided to cross-stitch a kirby~

It wasn’t that easy as I thought it would be, since there wasn’t a pattern available ˆˆ;. So I used some photo’s of Kirby as a reference to stitch it. It was pretty difficult but a fun challenge!^_^ So on the next photo you can see my results!

I am pretty happy how it turns out! Although I am not that great with cross-stitching it was fun way to boost up my stitching skills! The last time that I even tried cross-stitching was age’s ago… Since I have stitch some of the threads a bit tight it did bend a lil bit of the rubber thing. (I have no clue how to say it XD). But it fits pretty fine on your the 3DS, without noticing it much. The rubber is okish, but its better to make a 1 time only cross-sitiching on it. =3 If you are planning to redo it, be careful taking out the threads. Other but other it is a nice set for to have some nice creativity and making your 3DS unique~

Have a nice day and see you later ˆˆ/~

I got my first amiibo!

If you have played the first handhelds games of Nintendo or Super Smash Bros, then you might know who this character is! =D Yes! It’s Mr. Game and Watch! In Super Smash Bros. I mostly plays as Mr. Game and Watch and I really enjoy the unpredicted attacks and the moveset he have. ^~^;

Nintendo has annoucend that this character would be avalible in the future as an amiibo but I totally forgot about the release date of this amiibo. So one day Solar-Sceptile surprised me with this amiibo! Thank you so much for the amiibo! ^W^/~ She also bought herself the duck hunt amiibo at the same time. =3

Unlike the normale amiibo’s Mr. Game and Watch got 5 different poses which you can change around on the amiibo stand! =D The poses he got are from Super Smash Bros games. I really find it fun to change his poses and the 2D effect gives me more the feeling of him in the games. ˆwˆ This amiibo really give me the feelings that this is different compare to the other amiibos! ~\ˆWˆ/~

Have a great day and see you later ˆ-ˆ/~

Hello kitty new 3ds!

InJapan there will be a release of a new Hello kitty special edition 3ds! They also going to release a cover only! It will be aimed for younger girls as to female adults! It’s a shame that this won’t be released in EU.T__T and the chance of even having a release in EU is pretty slim. Either way there is still the option to buy the cover plates!

The design of the Hello kitty is pretty cute and almost irresistible not to buy it! ˆ-ˆ; If I ever saw it in the stores, I know for sure I would buy it! ^O^/~ Might as well import the cover case someday! =3 It will be released on 28th of November!

Have a great day and see you later ˆˆ/~

Tio Cornet

When I looked in the commercials of these week I saw this candy on sell at the Kruidvat. It’s a a drug store’s in the Netherlands. I really like the idea to eat a cornetto that isn’t cold. Since it is raining at the moment, this candy give me a feeling that I am eating an ice cream on a nice summer day. I bought the candy to try it out and here is my review on it!

Tio cornet

It comes in a nice pruple box and shows what for flavor the candy is! I really like the logo. It makes it really cute and happy~ ˆˆ; It’s a “wafer with hazelnut vanillin cream and colerd suger coated dragee”. In other words its a cornetto with hazelnut and vanllia cream with some m&m’s. \^W^/ who doesn’t like chocolate!

Tio cornet

It comes in a box with 5 pieces only. They aren’t that big but enough to enjoy the nice candy! Well for it me it is enough ˆˆ;. Just like real cornettos, you have to open it in the same way! I really like the idea. =3 It reminds me of opening a real ice cream cornetto! As you can see in the photo, unlike the box photo, the colored sugare coated dragee isn’t spread nicely. I don’t find this as a big problem, since you end up eating the whole thing anyway XD.

Tio cornet

The taste of Tio cornet is really nice! The chocolate reminds me a lot of the kinder surprise chocolate. When you eat the chocolate of your kinder surprise, after you broke the egg up to get your surprise! For me the size of the candy was enough and it is a good size for childeren too! The wafel really tasted as the wafel you eat from your ice cream cornetto. If you want to try it yourself out, you can still get them at the Kruidvat for €1,-. The prices isn’t that expensive for this nice chocolate vanilla icecream wanna be candy!

Have a nice day and see you later ^W^/~