Playstation 4!

A week ago my boyfriend decided to get a PS 4. He wanted to get a PS 4 for a while now. He mostly want to use it for his blog and youtube channel. So after the long wait he finally was able to get a PS 4! =D He decided to get a special edition Batman. It looks nicer than the offical PS 4! An also nice feature is, if you have a ps Vita, you can play the ps 4 games on your ps vita! By remote play or as second screen! \^W^/

This is what was inside the ps4 box! :3 The special edition ps4 and controller, the new game of batman, “Batman: Arkham Knight” and a comic called “Batman: Arkham Knight issue:0”. The comic paper is really thin and the issue isn’t long. I still haven’t read the comic, I only look through it.ˆˆ; The game is really nice though! Even though I don’t play it, when my bf playing the game is mostly watch it. The game has some scare jumps XD The graphics looks really awesome and the story is great! I also played on the ps 4. I realy liked the game Viliance Hearts. It’s a puzzle game but the story is really heartwarming and sad ;-;. I might review the game later! ˆwˆ

Here some close up of the PS 4 console itself! It really looks nice and gray color with a nice Batman logo on it! Oh yeah! We also have 2 new kittens for a 3 weeks already.^-^ They loved the box and the paper that was used to send the PS 4. I’ll make a new post later about the 2 new kittens!ˆ3ˆ/~

Have a nice day and see you later ˆ-ˆ/~

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