PS Vita!

Some time a go I saw on a website (were you can buy secondhand items) someone was selling a PS vita. The PS vita wasn’t used much as it looked in great condition! Another good thing it was, that he lived in the same street as my bf! So we decided to get the PS vita! I wanted a PS vita for a while now, but never saw one for a good price. The vita wasn’t really expensive and there was also a gamecase with it.^^ I also added some straps on my PS vita and the case! :3

The ps vita is a nice handheld game console. Sadly there aren’t much physical games in the stores these days. The nicest thing is that PS vita is region free (unlike the 3DS), so you can import games to play! The PSN store have enough games that you can buy. You can even play ps 1 and psp games on it but you have to buy it off the PSN store.:D

I still have 2 physical games for my vita already. DJ max technika tune and Dynasty Warriors Next. They are nice games! :3 I also bought a few games online on PSN. I also decorate the PS vita case with some randoms stickers XD

Have a nice day! See you later! ^-^/~

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