Small haul from Born Pretty store!

A month ago I had an e-mail from Born Pretty store, which said that they are doing another Seckill sale. πŸ˜€ Seckill on Born Pretty store is, buying an item for 0,01 dollar cent with shipping that starts on a certain time and there will be only a few in stock for that price. In here you can check what items there was for the seckill sale. When this sale was happening I totally forgot about it >.<;, untill the last day. So, I gave it a shot and it I was able to buy 3 items! This are the 3 items that I bought!\^-^/

The first item is a pocket mirror. I still wanted a pocket mirror but I keep forgetting to buy one. The sale gave me a chance to get one. The front has a girl and dog on it with 2 quotes on it, “Keep going” and “I will keep going to find myself”. The qoutes are nice and fits well! The backside has the mirror on it. It is small (7 cm) but handy to take with you in your bag.

The second item is a box with small (5 mm) ceramic flowers. It can be used for nail art but also for decoration on things. The flowers are pretty small but also cute! ˆWˆ. The flower are nice detailed. I am not sure yet how I want to use the those ceramic flowers. Maybe I am going to use it in decorationg.

The last item is a necklace. The necklace looked nice on the picture and having necklace laying around that fits on nice outfit is always handy! =D. I am not sure how sturdy the necklace is but it is nice as jewelry to use!

This were the items I bought on Pretty Born Store. I am pretty happy with the items! The store ships pretty fast and I mostly get the items within 2 weeks. The store have nice items for a nice price! The good thing is that all items are includes shipping!

Have a nice day and see you later! Λ†Λ†/~

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