Chirstmas Stuff

At my home we don’t really celebrate Christmas with present, but at my bf house they do :3.

Here are the things I got ^^.

It isn’t much but i’m happy with it ^^.

Cya later ^^/

New Year!


This week was the week of the E3. ^-^. I really couldn’t wait for the new Nintendo they were showing and the new games of course =3.

Here is are the things that interest me the most^^: WiiU: When they showed the Wiiu first I thought they meant the controller only (the left one […]

Animecon 2011

This my 4th time I went to animecon ^^. This year theme was “Children of the night”. Friday: I met up with all my friends at Utrech centraal. It was nice to see everyone ^^. I also ask if Dinja want to travel with us, because this is her first con^^. We took the train […]