Kawaii Monthly January

So today I got my second package from Kwaii Monthly! This time I made a video from it! :3

To make it short what Kawaii Monthly is a service that gives you 5 items from Japan. It coste around $18,99, Β£ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month and the shipping is free! You can get […]

Kawaii Monthly December Edition

Kawaii Monthly is a service where you get 5 different cute and kawaii items each month! It coste around $18,99, Β£ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month. This also include shipping. I saw it on different blogs and I really like surprises:3. So I gave it a try!

This is what I got!


Christmas haul!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a nice christmas and nice presents! :3 I also got some christmas presents this year! πŸ˜€ I got some bath stuff, a kitty plush, teh botol (it’s one of my favorites drinks but hard to get in here XD), Panda bag and a new Pyjama with a nice soft […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pokemon calendar 2013!

On the internet my boyfriend and me saw the Pokemon calender 2013 from japan on youtube. My bf little sis really a big fan of Pokemon and wanted to have one :3 She found a website where you can order it and ask if we want 1 too ^.^ and we said yes ^^. After […]