Merry Christmas!

No time to blog >.<;

I am busy these few weeks. My school is almost done! I have to do a lot of things for school now. Because of that I won’t update much on my blog for a while. I try to write from time to time ^^. Sorry about it but I’ll try to blog more when my […]

Hello winter~

In Europe the weather really got change a lot. It’s really cold out here. We even have temperatures around -20. We even got some snow and we can ice skate too now! Ok, not every where but most of the places. My bf, his sis and her bf and me made a nice cold […]

PoyoPoyo Kansatsu Nikki

PoyoPoyo Kansatsu Nikki is an anime about a round cat. The cat is found by a drunken girl who thinks the cat is a pillow. When she wakes up she take the cat with her to here home. And there the adventures stared.

The anime is short like 2.30 min. I […]