A stitch it set for my 3DS

When I was walking around in a store, I passed by this item. Since I still used my old 3DS and the price wasn’t expensive, I decided to buy it~ As the picture state, that was all in the box too, beside the 3DS sadly XD. From the examples that were given within the […]

A shoplog!

The last few weeks I have bought some nice things in different stores. Although it isn’t a big haul I still feel like sharing it! ˆ.ˆ

At the action I bought a few small items! I bought the thread because I needed some new thread! ˆˆ; Since I am bit out of thread it’s a […]

Some DIY things I made!

Last year in the summer I wanted to make some creative things. =3 On the internet I saw crochet and amigurumi and I found it really cute.ˆWˆ I really wanted to learn it so I can make those things myself! At start I found it really hard and I kept making mistakes, after a while […]

Free Printable DIY Desk Calenders 2015!

So it’s 2015 means time for a new desk calender! In case you don’t have a desk calender yet or you just want a different one, here are some nice DIY free printable desk Calenders for 2015!

Canon got a lot of different kinds of desk calenders. From 3D to flat! They really look […]