Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: memories is a visuel noval game. It’s more known as an otome game. An otome game is a game that is more focuse for girls. You play as a girl that develop a romantich relationship between characters, mostly with 1 or several male characters.

In amnesia you play as a girl that lost her […]

PS Vita!

Some time a go I saw on a website (were you can buy secondhand items) someone was selling a PS vita. The PS vita wasn’t used much as it looked in great condition! Another good thing it was, that he lived in the same street as my bf! So we decided to get the PS […]

I am still here!!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile that I have posted here! I really got busy with school and […]

Mamegoma 3DS game!

On 26 april 2012 there will be a new mamegoma game relased for the 3ds in japan! It’s a simulation game where you take care of some mamegoma’s :3. There are mini games in it ^^.

The game looks nice and cute too ^.^. I wish Europe got some games as this XD.

Here […]

Ds games =3

Since the release of the 3ds, Ds games become cheaper ^^. I bought 2 new games =3.

Big Bang mini

Big Bang mini is a puzzle game. You have to protect your icon (this can be triangle or something) from shooting enemies on the upper screen. Every time you kill an enemy with your fire […]