Hello kitty new 3ds!

InJapan there will be a release of a new Hello kitty special edition 3ds! They also going to release a cover only! It will be aimed for younger girls as to female adults! It’s a shame that this won’t be released in EU.T__T and the chance of even having a release in EU is pretty […]

Stack the pikachu’s on a sleeping Snorlax!

When I was browsing on Tumblr I saw this post about stacking pikachu’s on a snorlax! It really looks so cute πŸ˜€

The game is pretty easy~ Just stack the Pikachu’s on a sleeping snorlax that lies in an Hammock! It looks fun to try it out myself! Λ†-Λ†

The playset […]

Make your own Chanrio!

Sanrio has launched a new website were you can create your own Chanrio! This Chanrio maker is a promotion for their park Sanrio Puroland and more than 7 millons Chanrio’s have been made! \^W^/ If thought it is in Japanese, the Chanrio maker is easy to understand!

You can do some things with your […]

Kawaii Monthly January

So today I got my second package from Kwaii Monthly! This time I made a video from it! :3

To make it short what Kawaii Monthly is a service that gives you 5 items from Japan. It coste around $18,99, Β£ 12,60 or € 14,99 a month and the shipping is free! You can get […]

Pokemon calendar 2013!

On the internet my boyfriend and me saw the Pokemon calender 2013 from japan on youtube. My bf little sis really a big fan of Pokemon and wanted to have one :3 She found a website where you can order it and ask if we want 1 too ^.^ and we said yes ^^. After […]