Hello kitty new 3ds!

InJapan there will be a release of a new Hello kitty special edition 3ds! They also going to release a cover only! It will be aimed for younger girls as to female adults! It’s a shame that this won’t be released in EU.T__T and the chance of even having a release in EU is pretty […]

Christmas shopping~

Like every year I went Christmas shopping with my boyfriend ^^. The train station looks nice with all the decorations~ :3

We walked around and bought different items and games in sale haha. Love the sale, but my wallet dislike it so much xD.

Anyway at a store I saw these cute cups~ […]

A packaged from a friend~ :D

In the morning I heard the doorbell and there it is! A packaged from a friend of mine ^.^ Thank you soo much Jen! :3 I really like the presents :D. She also send a present for my bf :D.

When I opened the box it looked like this! :3

And this are […]

I am still here!!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile that I have posted here! I really got busy with school and […]

Hello Kitty cake~

I bought a new bake form of Hello Kitty. It was on sale ^.^ So I want it to try it out :3 I made a normal cake ^.^

Here is how it looked :3 ( It’s already gone haha XD)

Sadly it got a bit sticky ^^; ( I got a bit […]