Small haul from Born Pretty store!

A month ago I had an e-mail from Born Pretty store, which said that they are doing another Seckill sale. πŸ˜€ Seckill on Born Pretty store is, buying an item for 0,01 dollar cent with shipping that starts on a certain time and there will be only a few in stock for that price. In […]

Seckill sale at born pretty store!

A while ago Born pretty store had a celebration. Born pretty store celebrate that the store excisted for 4 years! They had a seckill sale for a few days on a certain time.

So what is seckill? It’s a quick sale where goods will sell out quickly due the cheap price. You have to make […]

An new order =3

So I ordered again on Yves Rocher shop ^^; When I place an order at there website I got a free bag =3 I think I got a weak spot for bag’s xD Really, If I see a cheap bag or I like it, I really want to buy it =_= Not a good habit, […]

My Janetstore order

Few day’s ago my janet store order arrived ^0^/. It was a big box of things but mostly at all is the pluche xD It’s really cute and soft and big =3. My bf bought it~! Soo, cute of him […]

Janet Store order ^W^

Well since my money is comming tomorrow I ordered some stuff at Janetstore. Too bad I couldn’t  bought everything I wanted T^T. Oh well, I can ordered it the next time XD.

Here is the pic that I orderd. Maile bought a valentine grabbag^^

Valatine grabbag

Cya later^^/