Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: memories is a visuel noval game. It’s more known as an otome game. An otome game is a game that is more focuse for girls. You play as a girl that develop a romantich relationship between characters, mostly with 1 or several male characters.

In amnesia you play as a girl that lost her […]

Playstation 4!

A week ago my boyfriend decided to get a PS 4. He wanted to get a PS 4 for a while now. He mostly want to use it for his blog and youtube channel. So after the long wait he finally was able to get a PS 4! =D He decided to get a special […]

PS Vita!

Some time a go I saw on a website (were you can buy secondhand items) someone was selling a PS vita. The PS vita wasn’t used much as it looked in great condition! Another good thing it was, that he lived in the same street as my bf! So we decided to get the PS […]


This week was the week of the E3. ^-^. I really couldn’t wait for the new Nintendo they were showing and the new games of course =3.

Here is are the things that interest me the most^^: WiiU: When they showed the Wiiu first I thought they meant the controller only (the left one […]