A shoplog!

The last few weeks I have bought some nice things in different stores. Although it isn’t a big haul I still feel like sharing it! ˆ.ˆ

At the action I bought a few small items! I bought the thread because I needed some new thread! ˆˆ; Since I am bit out of thread it’s a […]

The body shop order

When I was on twitter, I read some tweets about a sale on the body shop. I never ever tried and I keep hearing good reviews about their items. Due there was a sale and free shipping I thought to give it a try.

I ordered some small items ^^. This is what I ordered! […]

A new order!

So, ordered again at Yves Rocher. They give nice free presents when you order something there. This time I got a swimsuit for free =3. I needed a new one since next week I’m going with some friends on an holiday!

This is what I ordered. I bought nail clipper, face cream and a […]

Too much?


When you planning to buy only ramen for acon……

Today I went to the city with my BF and his sister. We were planning to buy only ramen for animecon but eventually I bought some clothes at H&M. I bought a BH, 2 underwear, some bubble bath soap and a top ^^. My BF bought a green vest and his sister bought some clothes^^ […]