Playstation 4!

A week ago my boyfriend decided to get a PS 4. He wanted to get a PS 4 for a while now. He mostly want to use it for his blog and youtube channel. So after the long wait he finally was able to get a PS 4! =D He decided to get a special […]

Pokemon calendar 2013!

On the internet my boyfriend and me saw the Pokemon calender 2013 from japan on youtube. My bf little sis really a big fan of Pokemon and wanted to have one :3 She found a website where you can order it and ask if we want 1 too ^.^ and we said yes ^^. After […]

New buys :3

I didn’t really bought that much from the last few weeks (maybe months? XD). I saving my money up now and also because of animecon ^.^. Animcon is within 3 weeks ^-^. Can’t wait for it ^^.

Anyway here are my buys. Not so great XD it’s more Hello kitty stuff :3.

Some random candy […]