Small haul from Born Pretty store!

A month ago I had an e-mail from Born Pretty store, which said that they are doing another Seckill sale. πŸ˜€ Seckill on Born Pretty store is, buying an item for 0,01 dollar cent with shipping that starts on a certain time and there will be only a few in stock for that price. In […]

Born pretty Store

I saw on this blog, Memorable days on this post about a free hello kitty stamping plate and rhinestones. I also ordered it and I got it for free <3 ^^. Somehow the store send me another rhinestones so I got 2 of it. Now you can get a Cute False Eyelash Handmade for free […]

A new year a new post~!

Hmm, I haven’t updating my blog that much D:. A lot of things happens these months. Christmas, New year, shopping =p etc. ^^ Here is a short summery what happened the last few months.

I have ordered with my bf some Items on Playasia^^ The first order we made was by airmail and it came […]

some stuff XD

I’m quit busy with […]

an huge update =D

Heya it’s been a long time that I haven’t update my weblog D=. Sorry but I was so very busy with school that I haven’t time left for updating my weblog […]